Home sweet home... 09-22-07 18:26
Well we're all moved in to our house on Galveston. 2 tropical storms have missed us now which is good. Took a swim in the ocean today which is mucho good. 4 blocks from the beach...gotta love it. So far I'm liking the new job tremendously and getting the hang of it quick which is mucho mucho good.

My brand spanking new moon dog cruiser bicycle got swiped the first day by a crack head which is not so good. We know who she is though and so does everyone in town including the cops so maybe we'll get it back somehow. Property theft is rampant here so I need to get on the phone monday and get some renter's insurance. Surfdude can't sleep at night cuz he's worried about the stuff that's in the garage. We're learning very quickly who can't be trusted in this here town. :-(
It's my birthday... 09-13-07 00:08
I'm celebrating by packing my stuff to move. Surfdude is bring me presents in the morning. Hmmmm................

Taking a detour from previous negativity to focus on good stuff.

I've found a new home in Galveston!! Yay!! Surfdude and i move in Saturday and I begin work at my new imports inspector position on Monday of next week.

It's a 2BR, 1 bath house with a 2 car garage, only a bike ride away from the beach and only $150 pet deposit for the kitties. The best deal in town. It's peach---a peach house near the beach! Can't ask for anything better than that!

The pictures are here:


17 days and counting 08-30-07 04:46
I'm so fucking ready to get out of the chicken plant and start my new job in Houston. The chicken pluckers sanitation standards seem to have gone to hell in a hand basket and the new QC Manager is in bed with production. It's a crying shame too. We on the USDA side of things thought she was going to actually do some good. Instead she has gone to the dark side...

I was hoping my last days there would be uneventful but unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to make it through the end of this week without documenting some kind of noncompliance. I'm also biting my tongue a lot so I don't accuse certain plant superintendants and inspectors of lying (even though they are). I'm tired of babysitting for Chadwick and of smoothing the feathers he ruffles all day. I'm tired of shady inexperienced plant personnel trying to pull shit over on this 15 year veteran of the meat industry.

My last day will be joyous. I'll miss Big E though...he's my bud.

Moving is stressful 08-23-07 23:18
The countdown begins...Only 23 more days until I start my new job as imports inspector. Yay!

Also only 23 days to find a new place to live, pay off my lease here to get out of it, move into the new place, hook up utilities and such...AUGH!!! I still haven't received my relocation allowances packet which is putting a big crimp in everything. Can't go househunting until I get that travel authorization number.

It's looking like my last day at the chicken plant may be Sept. 1st if they work both shifts that weekend. Then Labor Day week will be spent househunting and setting up utilities and the following week will be spent moving. I'll hopefully be celebrating my birthday in our new home on September 13th.

Oh yeah, I also have to get Frodo's shots and neuter done up here where it's cheap. Yikes! too much to do and too little time to do it!
True colors 08-16-07 04:52
It's amazing how competing for a promotion such as the one I just received will bring out a person's true character.

The guy that lost out is so pissed he can't see straight and would barely talk to me for the last few days. It seems he was running around telling everyone he was going to get the job and he was moving to Houston when the job hadn't even been offered to anyone yet. Now he's eating crow.

Then, to compound matters, he was so paranoid that I was going to get it that he constantly harassed his "connections" until he found out I was getting the offer and then proceeded to tell everyone before I had even said yes.

What an asshat. I always knew that but it's still astonishing to see what a little two-faced backstabbing son of a bitch he really is when he's running full throttle. He's so damn stupid that he doesn't realize he's shooting himself in the foot trying to sabotage everyone else. He has nothing on me which infuriates him. I've been laughing at his antics for the last week.
Yippee! 08-15-07 04:44
I received my "Get out of Jail Free" card today--I start my new promotion position as an imports food inspector effective on September 16th. I'll be off to New Jersey for a week of training then back to College Station for a househunting/moving trip for a week or two and then off to La Porte, TX and the Port of Houston.

Hooray! NO more chicken hell! Yet another of my stupid coworkers got themselves kicked out of the chicken plant for losing their temper and basically physically assaulting someone. I don't get it. There has never been anything or anyone at my job that has ticked me off so much that I totally lose it like that. There just isn't anything worth getting that bent out of shape over. It's a job. Not my identity.
It's ALMOST official!! 08-10-07 07:36
I was offered the imports inspector position I applied for this morning and of course, I accepted.

Won't be official until my district office releases me to the Office of International Affairs and I get my reporting letter. If all goes well, I go to one week of imports training in September and start my new job at the port of Houston in La Porte TX.

YIPPEE!!!! Now I have to keep it quiet at work until it's official--3 of my coworkers and 1 former coworker also applied and at least 2 of them are going to be super pissed that I got it.
The former coworker I beat out said he'd be pissed if anyone but me got it over him so I feel pretty good about that.

I can't wait to get out of chicken hell!! The end is near!!!!

Cute Kitties... 08-09-07 23:03
Thought I'd post a picture of young Master Frodo at his current age of 4 mths. His stripes are starting to show up more but he's still that gorgeous steel gray. And he's got ginormous ears.

The tortie is big sister Bubbakitty. She's grudgingly accepting that little bother is not going away and often torments him by acting pissed. She usually has play face when she does it.

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